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Cast black Machine stretch film

Our machine grade stretch wrap is engineered to work with a variety of stretch wrap machines and equipment. Stretch wrapping machines are able to provide tighter, more stable pallet loads. Machine wrapping will increase load retention while providing greater damage and puncture resistance during transit. We offer a variety of sizes of stretch films, such as cast stretch film. Our machine-grade film, provided in 20 inch and 30 inch widths, can be used in automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch film machines.

Machine stretch film

 Usable with automatic and semiautomatic machines

Comes in 18’’,20" and 30" width

Comes in 40-120 gauge

Increases film tension and stability


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Factory price 20 Micron pallet Stretch Wrap and cast Stretch Film Shrink Wrap film / stretch film

Our stretch film wrap is used to tightly bind items together, which makes it great for holding pallets or packages together in order to protect them during storage and transport.

1) High transparent 

2) 100% virgin raw material 
3) Excellent stretch properties 
4) Pre-stretch rate 150-500% 
5) Thickness:12Mic-50Mic 
6) Width:5cm-180cm 
7) Length:100M-7000M


Our factory specialized in packing materials have been over 12 years .Cooperation with global top 500 enterprises, We are your trustworthy and reliable  partner .We have lots of advantage compare with other competitors ,we have improved our producing machine.Our workshop have 4 lines for introduction .The weekly Output more  than 200 kilograms.Factory area of 12000 square meters .The monthly output value can reach over 10 million US dollars.


 Our workers have rich professional experience.the rate of the bad products close to zero.Comparing to other supplier .We use plastic bag and nice box to protect the goods.And our dust-free workshop make the product’s quality better and beautiful .

And we can supply OEM and ODM service .


Got ISO9001 ,German TUV,GMC and other systems certification

  Through SGS,TTS,IQTC and other industrial certifications.


  We promise: Trial orders and sample orders will be shipping out within 5 days.If bulk order as container .Make it done  and arrange delivery in 12 working days after we receive your order .


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Sha hu kou district,Changping Town,Dongguan,PRC

+86 13538551268


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