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How to prevent pe stretch film from breaking easily at high temperature?
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The polyethylene blend of pe stretch film should be hot-filled at 100 degrees Celsius, and even if it does not break under the tension of the filling, it will have a larger stretch deformation.

Usually, the liquid filling film has high temperature resistance and good strength co-extruded stretch film, such as: Although the inner layer of adhesive resin is still PE material, the outer layer is nylon film, which has high heat resistance.

The strength is high, and the fuse machine cannot be used to fuse and fuse the bag. The PP/EVA/PE co-extruded film can be fused, but the heat sealing temperature is between 190-200 degrees Celsius, and the thickness should be appropriately increased to 80-90μm to ensure the strength of the composite film.

Another reason for the breakage of the stretch film is caused by excessive tension. The solution is to reduce the tension of the packaging machine. In fact, after sterilization at 100 degrees Celsius, properly cool it down and reduce the temperature of hot filling. As long as it is carried out in a sterile room, it has a better packaging effect.

Temperature affects the orientation process through the effect of polymer viscosity. As temperature increases, the viscosity of the polymer decreases. Under the effect of stabilizing stress, it increases.

The increase in high elastic deformation is limited. The viscous deformation develops quickly, which is beneficial to the polymer. In the process of orientation and stretch film production, we must adhere to the requirements of the stable temperature in the workshop for the quality of the production process.

If the temperature is controlled well, the quality of the stretch film will be improved a lot, so it is necessary to do a little bit in the hot summer and cold winter Pay attention, and adopt corresponding measures to improve through other subsidies.

When a product has been tested for many times, its problems can be solved, just like the stretch film, now it has been widely used in industry and in life.

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