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PP strapping roll of raw materials and characteristics
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The main raw material of PP strapping roll is polypropylene, and it is a kind of net-like packaging material after heating, lubricating and stretching and cooling it. However, in this manufacturing process, there are some factors that will have a greater impact on the quality of the entire package, such as length, elongation, tension, bending, etc. If the tension is equal to the parameters, the longer the cost, the lower the cost. 

PP strapping roll is a kind of plastic product with relatively light weight. If it is made as a strapping belt, its use range will be more extensive. In appearance, the main color of PP strapping belt is translucent or opaque. It belongs to the film category and can burn directly in the flame.

When the PP strapping roll leaves the flame, it will slowly and gradually extinguish or continue to burn. During the combustion process, the upper part of the flame is mainly yellow, and the lower part is mainly blue, and there will be melting or burning. Dripping phenomenon, and can smell a paraffin.

Features of PP packing belt:

▲PP packing belt can be used in different industries, and can also be used on various packing machines such as fully automatic, semi-automatic and pure manual.

▲The adhesion of PP strapping roll is very strong, and the relative tensile force will be relatively large. Because of its lighter texture, it is very corrosion resistant, and its appearance is more beautiful and high-end.

▲The overall color of PP packing belt is relatively bright, and the more common ones can be divided into three types: yellow, white and black.

▲The PP packing belt can be designed according to the needs of customers, and there are fewer icons and printing, which belong to a special kind of demand.

▲PP strapping tape is made of polypropylene as the main raw material, and the material is also made of polypropylene drawing grade resin, so it is relatively strong in plasticity, and its fracture and tensile strength are relatively high. Due to the low bending fatigue resistance , So on the whole, its density is also relatively low, and its tensile impact is better when the density is low, and it is very convenient to use.

PP strapping roll

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