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Common causes of rupture of PE stretch film
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PE stretch film is currently the largest rated packaging and transportation protection product in sales. It is inevitable that the PE stretch film will break. There are many factors that affect the stretch film. Stretch film is possible in the production process from casting to winding. It will cause damage to the stretched film. Although this phenomenon is common, it is more common for stretched films with relatively low thickness.

Common causes of PE stretch film breakage:

1. When the stretched film is produced at high speed, ink is stuck on both sides of the printing axis or the printing axis is uneven, and the stretched film is printed on the plate, and unevenness occurs after printing.

2. The production conditions have changed significantly during the casting or longitudinal stretching process, such as the longitudinal thickness of the stretched film changes greatly or the casting sheet has large defects, which causes the casting to be partially stretched during the stretching process The force exceeds the allowable capacity of the material, resulting in lateral membrane rupture.

3. The raw materials contain impurities with large differences in performance, such as low molecules, oil stains, etc., there are obvious horizontal stripes and bubbles on the cast sheet, and various inconspicuous film breaking factors before horizontal stretching are further expanded, causing excessive strain in local areas.

4. The deviation of the crystallization and orientation of the cast piece is too large. The damage of the filter, the high impurity content of the cast piece. The machine head is leaking and the roller surface is crushed. The use of waste and failure to set equipment parameters scratch the stretched film.

5. Improper setting of extrusion and longitudinal stretching temperature. Various volatiles gathered on the top of the oven and the air duct fall onto the stretched film. In addition, damage to the chain clip is also an important reason.

6. The transverse thickness deviation of the stretched film is too large or the longitudinal and transverse stretch ratios are too large, and the edge temperature is too high during the longitudinal stretch. The longitudinal stretching setting temperature is too high, and the crystal orientation of the cast piece is not good. The temperature of the chain clip is too high, and there is waste in the horizontal stretching oven to scratch the stretch film.

7. Choose a material with a reasonable degree of deformation and good plasticity. The degree of deformation can be greater. For cylindrical parts with a large height, multiple stretches can be used, otherwise wrinkles and cracks will occur due to excessive deformation of the flange. . After understanding the causes of stretch film rupture, for these common causes, let's go to understand the solutions.

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