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stretch film 500mm丨Joypack stretch film manufacturer
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Joypack is a stretch film manufacturer that provides stretch film 500mm.we have 13 years experience on this industry,can meet all your requirements.and we provide competitive price and good service,The material used is lldpe. We have several models for stretch film 500mm, including width 50mm, length 160m, 3.2 kg, width 50mm, length 290m, 5 kg Heavy, width 50mm, length 340m, 6 kg, etc., we have competitive prices and good service, and accept customized processing.


It is believed that some stretch films of poor quality purchased by many people will have various problems, such as poor adhesion and easy to fall off, low lacing and perforation, weak elasticity and easy looseness, and air permeability Relatively poor and not moisture-proof. But our stretch film will not have these situations. Our stretch film has a flat surface and infrared detection film thickness to ensure that the film surface is flat and stable;


Our stretch film has strong puncture resistance, safe packaging, and is not afraid of sharp objects; and has a rounded island corner paper tube with a 45-degree rounded lead angle. The paper tube is not easy to hurt your hands when winding the goods, but some The edge of the paper tube is rough, and you need to buy a handle protector, and it is easy to affect the work due to deformation, and our stretch film has a firm inner layer of adhesion and will not loose, and the outer layer has low adhesion and is not easy to stick to dust. Some double-sided adhesives can be stored for a long time It will become loose, just like entering a waste station; our stretch film weight error is small, the weight error of a single roll is between 0.05KG, and the general stretch film weight error is between 0.1KG.

stretch film 500mmstretch film 500mm 

Joypack always believes that good quality comes from good equipment. Our machine has infrared detection to ensure the film surface is flat. The seven-layer co-extrusion die head restructures the film surface structure to resist sharp punctures. There is also 100P ice water cooling to ensure pulling. The stretch film roll 500mm strength is higher.

Joypack has always been committed to making the best products at lower prices in the industry. Exxon supplies raw materials directly, eliminating the need for price differences from middlemen, and can better reduce customer costs; capacity-increasing transformers are produced for 24 hours, saving every One cent of electricity cost; self-construction of the plant, reducing the output cost per square meter; high-capacity unmanned production line, saving manufacturing labor costs;


However, we cannot omit some of the same principles. Our high-end production equipment investment cannot be omitted, our high-quality raw material purchases cannot be omitted, our ice water constant temperature cooling system cannot be omitted, and our high-tech standard requirements cannot be omitted. Go, our perfect customer service management and after-sales service cannot be omitted, our product upgrade research and development cannot be omitted, Joypack, to save costs for customers, is committed to making the best and most complete 500mm pallet stretch film products at a lower price. Look forward to working with you!

 stretch film 500mm

Joypack stretch film 500mm has a wide range of applications, which can be used for fixture packaging, building materials packaging, hardware product packaging and daily necessities packaging, etc.In addition, Joypack has import and export qualification certificates and a complete variety of product certificates. No matter where you are, our three modes of sea, land, and air will be delivered to you quickly. We support style customization and color customization. More details are expected from you and us Negotiation, cooperation and win-win.

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