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Main features of BOPP packing belt
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Bopp packing belt is a kind of packing belt often used in the transportation of goods. A high quality and high performance BOPP packing belt has excellent performance even in extreme harsh weather environment. 

It is suitable for the storage of goods, container shipping and effective prevention of conference theft, illegal opening and other functions.


Instantaneous adhesive force -- sealing tape is fast

Fixation ability - can be glued to the workpiece as you wish, even with very little pressure

Easy to rip - easy to tear off the tape without stretching and dragging.

Controlled unfolding - The packing tape can be pulled away from the tape in a controlled manner, without being too loose or tight.

Flexibility - The sealing tape can easily adapt to the rapidly changing curve shape.
Thin - Sealing tape does not leave a thick edge deposit.
Smoothness - Sealing tape feels smooth and does not stimulate the hand when pressed.

Anti - transfer - No adhesive left after removal of sealing tape.

Solvent resistance - The backing material of the sealing tape prevents solvent penetration.
Shatterproof - no cracks appear in the sealing tape.
Anti-retraction - The sealing tape can extend along the curved surface without retraction.
Peel resistant - The paint will be firmly attached to the back of the packing tape.

In general, BOPP packaging belt  thickness hinge thin, cost-effective, transparent appearance, double-sided sticky, non-toxic and tasteless, good safety, very convenient to use, high efficiency, with good shrinkage, puncture resistance, tear resistance.

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